Since 1990, Gershon Cohen has been protecting public waters from the discharge of toxic pollutants. He received River Network’s “River Hero” award in 2006, and a lifetime achievement award from the Clean Water Network in 2013. An Earth Island Project Director since 1998, he co-founded the Great Whale Conservancy and Ultimate Civics projects. Gershon has a master’s degree in Molecular Biology, and a doctorate in Environmental Policy.

Barry sulkin, M.s.

                  Barry Sulkin has been a professional environmental consultant since 1990.                                              He has a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science and Masters degree in Environmental                      Engineering, and has won numerous awards for his technical expertise and commitment to                        protecting waters from toxic discharges.  He has worked as an investigator, consultant and                          scientist for attorneys, environmental/citizens organizations, municipalities, individuals,                            businesses, and the press.  


Joe Geldhof, Esq.

                   Joe Geldhof has lived in Juneau Alaska since 1979. In addition to being fond of                                       floating rivers, ice hockey and walking on Alaska's superlative trails and beaches,                                      Joe has worked for the Alaska Attorney General and in private practice for                                                municipalities, unions, and many non-profit groups.


deborah vogt, ESQ.

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The Brooks Range brought Deborah to Alaska in 1971, where she hiked and guided for a dozen years. Law school put an end to that nonsense; she joined the attorney general’s office in Juneau, and spent much of her career, both as an Assistant A.G. and later as Deputy Commissioner of Revenue “encouraging” the oil industry to pay their taxes. She now lives in Haines, on the banks of the Chilkat River.

Albert Ettinger, Esq.

                   Albert has over thirty-five years of litigation experience on NEPA, CWA, and TOSCA                               issues and has been the litigation coordinator for the Illinois Chapter of the Sierra Club                             since 1983.  Aside from being an expert on water pollution law, he knows a good scotch                             when he sniffs one.


ben Kirkpatrick

As a former Alaska Department of Fish and Game Habitat Biologist for Southeast Alaska, Ben reviewed all mining projects in the region. He also helped establish local watershed councils throughout Southeast Alaska and provides technical support on salmon habitat restoration.

Jim Stratton

                  Jim “Stratto” Stratton has spent 35 years working with Alaska State Parks and various                              public land NGOs to protect the wild lands and waters of Alaska.  He was the Executive                         Director of SEACC when the Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve legislation was signed                             by Governor Jay Hammond and has a long-standing, keen interest in the Chilkat Valley.

scott ramsey, PH.D.

                   Scott has been working as a guide, naturalist and environmental educator in Alaska for                             over 20 years.  He has a master's in Environmental Science and is working on his                                     doctorate in Sustainability Education.  He and his family live off the grid in Haines,                                 Alaska, where he helps people appreciate the importance of the human-nature                                         connection.